Fathers’ Club “Bricks for Books”

bricks for books

We are placing a brick walk in the area in front of the Gymnasium where the children enter the school.

 The brick walk is for a fundraiser for much needed books for our school.  The walk will continue to produce money for books every year as new families join our family and others graduate into the world.

 We hope to pay off all bricks and installation in the first year, but we need your help.  We need you to buy a brick for your family, and ask friends of St. James to buy bricks. Every year a new class will be placed next in line in the walk, and will forever be a part of the school.

Bricks are 4×8 inches with all capital letters painted black. Each brick will have three lines for sixteen characters per line. This includes spaces, commas, and ampersands (&). Please leave spaces after commas, periods, and before and after ampersands.

There will also be 3 crosses offset in a different color in the walk (see attached diagram here: brickwalk_crosses_memorial). The crosses will have memorial bricks of loved ones of yours who have passed and those who worked at or attended St. James and have passed.

 The cost of the bricks are $50.  

You may pay using several methods: PayPal, Check, and Cash.

Please click here to order your brick today!

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