Founding Members and Class Chairpersons


One of the major goals of the St. James Alumni & Friends Association is to create a vast and active group of leaders from our local community and each respective graduating class from Saint James Grammar School . An active and hard working group will help us accomplish our mission which is to strengthen Saint James School from the great and generous works of its Alumni & Friends.

As of this posting appointed as of February 12, 2009,

Development Director Dean Kyburz

The Founding Members of the Saint James Alumni & Friends Association, in alphabetical order, are as follows;

Tony Arena, Russ Chinnici, Thomas Cotter, Kevin Kelly, Cindy Kelly, Michael Julian, Janine Kyburz, Dean Kyburz, Max Kyburz, Aubrey Kyburz, Jodi Mitchell, Jessica Mitchell, Karen Morey

The Class Chairpersons of Saint James Alumni & Friends Association are as follows;

  • Darby Cotter, 2005
  • Ryan Mitchell,2000
  • Max Kyburz,2003
  • Aubrey Kyburz,1999
  • Jessica Mitchell,1997
  • Karen Morey, 1966

We would be honored to have your name listed above in hopes of growing the rolls and membership of the Saint James Alumni & Friends Association. Please contact us by email on this website if you might have the slightest interest in becoming a Founding Member or a Class Chairperson.

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